What are clients saying about Sarah?

We absolutely LOVED working with Sarah. She is knowledgable, organized, and does her research on everything you may have questions about. She was our strength throughout my 33 hours of labor and we truly could not have done it without her. We would definitely recommend working with her to anyone that may need a doula.
— Effie and Ido
Sarah is a fantastic doula and all-around wonderful person. She checked on me frequently throughout my pregnancy, was always there to answer my questions and calm my worries, and recommended great birth classes and other resources. During our two prenatal visits, she provided us with plenty of important information about childbirth and encouraged us to develop a birth plan suited to our particular needs. When it came time to give birth, I had some complications, and Sarah calmly and confidently supported us through everything that arose. I’m so glad she was at the hospital with us, and my husband said several times that he didn’t know what he would have done if she hadn’t been there. Moreover, she came all the way out to Farmville for our two postpartum visits – very helpful for first-time parents adjusting to life with a newborn. We are so grateful for all the ways that Sarah has helped us and we are happy to call her a friend. We definitely want her present for our next birth!
— Marianne and Ben
Sarah’s support truly transformed the experience of birth for my family. I’d had a c-section with my previous pregnancy, and Sarah helped me throughout some unexpected complications to achieve the vbac that I’d wanted. Throughout my pregnancy, her presence was both professional and deeply compassionate. She truly provided support for my entire family. As she followed us to the hospital, in fact, my 23-month-old kept asking, “Where is Ms. Sarah?!!” I cannot recommend working with Sarah highly enough.
— Megan and Dan
We had a wonderful experience with Sarah as our doula. Being our first pregnancy, we were interested in hiring a doula, in addition to our OB, that would be a familiar face in the delivery room to help coach through labor and help my husband be involved. She came across as being the most prepared and knowledgeable out of the 8-10 doulas we interviewed. Our experience started with 2 prenatal visits. During these visits, Sarah explained to us the various techniques she uses to help with labor and how she can help to manage any pain or fear. She not only helped prepare for our labor/birth, but also identified prenatal exercises to help us during the big day. During my pregnancy, I was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia. Sarah followed up after each OB appointment and offered suggestions on how to best manage the condition. We ended up being induced in the evening and Sarah arrived the next morning once things started to pick up. I had an epidural and Sarah was instrumental to both me and my husband during this process, helping us to both stay calm. Due to circumstances, I needed a cesarean section and we were thankful that Sarah was allowed in the operating room with us. After our baby was born, we had 2 post-natal visits. During this time, Sarah offered a post-partum depression screening and made sure we were adjusting well. Sarah was extremely supportive from the day we selected her to after our baby was born. She consistently followed up with us and provided suggestions/articles for us. She was always available for our questions and even offered to be a resource for us throughout parenthood. We plan on utilizing Sarah again for our next birth and highly recommend her services to any expectant parent.
— Sara and Eric
Love Sarah! We chose Sarah as our doula for the birth of our 2nd child. I had a goal of natural hypnobirth again but needed someone that could fully support me because my husband is so squeamish and wouldn’t be in the delivery room. From start to finish Sarah never disappointed! She provided us with tons of information, came to our home where we made an affirmation banner, assisted in acupressure and never lost sight of my goal during delivery.

I had a stubborn baby that wasn’t ready to make an appearance and because of some complications, was induced. Sarah walked the halls/stairs with me, did acupressure and held the shower head on my back for who knows how long.... Towards the very end , I did use my safe word for an epidural but she didn’t let me give in and I quickly welcomed a baby boy after the request. Surprise gender reveal. Because of Sarah, I maintained the natural birth,I so wished for even with being induced.

Being a second time mom, this birth experience was more than I could imagine. If you’re looking for someone that truly listens to your wishes, is extremely supportive, and treats you like a family member, please choose Sarah! She will forever be in our hearts!
— Brooke and Dustin
Sarah is such a wonderful person and an amazing doula. I would give her more than 5 stars if I could. I’m so happy that she was my doula. I don’t even know where to begin with how wonderful she is. I met her at a Meet the Doulas night and really felt a connection with her right away. She came to our home, so we could get to know each other and decide if she would be a good fit for us. She was so friendly and spent a lot of time answering all our questions. She also sent me multiple emails with a ton of information about birth and other helpful resources. I was impressed that she took the time to help me out before I even agreed to be her client. It just showed me how much she cared about me and being the best doula that she could be. She’s also so organized and professional, which I just love! We only had one prenatal meeting because my daughter decided that she wanted to come early (at 35 weeks). Sarah met us at the hospital right away and as I was walking the hallways in the first stage of labor we had our second “prenatal meeting.” She helped to create a nice atmosphere in the room with some twinkle lights, which I really liked. She was so helpful during labor and by my side the entire time. She also helped my husband—allowing him to run home to grab a couple things (she helped us create a list of items to bring to the hospital) and take breaks (during my labor). Sarah reminded me to stay hydrated, snack, take naps, go through my affirmations and she was by my side during every contraction. She performed hip squeezes, which were so helpful. I don’t know what I would have done without her! She took pictures during the birth and wrote down birth notes, which are so great to have. After my daughter was born my husband was exhausted and took a nap, but she stayed with me and helped for 3 hours. We had two postnatal visits with her and she brought us a delicious meal. I can’t wait to have another baby, so Sarah can be by my side. Sarah is fabulous and I feel blessed that she was there for the birth of my daughter. Thank you so much!!!
— Jessica and Job
Sarah was a wonderful doula and my husband and I are so happy she was with us during the birth of our son. Sarah took time to get to know me and learn my birth preferences so she could know how to best support me. Since this was my third baby, I was already knowledgeable about a lot of the prenatal education topics she normally teaches, but we discussed everything and she really took the time to tailor our prenatal sessions to meet my individual needs. I really liked the web-based platform that she used to share materials, articles, and resources with me. During my labor, she was calm, nurturing, and supportive. She helped support both my husband and me. She helped guide him in different ways to comfort and support me. She repeated my birth affirmations to me, rubbed my back when I wanted, encouraged me, and helped me with positioning myself for comfort. She reminded me to relax my body and release the tension when she saw it and helped me stay calm and focused. After delivery, she helped us get comfortable in the bed and made sure we were settled before she left. She came for 2 visits post-partum and brought us a meal which was very helpful and delicious! She is such a kind, warm, loving and caring person and was wonderful to have as our birth doula. I would recommend her to any mom looking for doula support.
— Jacqueline and Justin
Sarah was our doula for the birth of our first child last November. She was absolutely perfect for us. We wanted someone who not only was mature and had experience but was thoughtful about that maturity and experience and how those attributes can help her clients. Sarah is professional, dedicated to helping not only the moms but the dads and whoever else is on your birth team, and refreshingly thorough. We had two (or three? it’s hard to remember now) prenatal meetings where we went over our birth plan and got to know each other. I am the typical ‘type-A’ personality—I don’t ask for help when I should and I don’t like people tending to me. Sarah took the time to get to know me and my husband so that when the time came she totally understood and gave the exact amount of help that fit our personalities. She nudged me in the right direction when I needed and took a step back when I didn’t. When my daughter had to be rushed to the NICU she went with my husband at our request and advocated for our post birth wishes for our daughter with her doctors. She also met with us twice postpartum, even though she was only required to do so once for her doula training program. She brought us a meal at our visit (just one more example of her using her experience as a mother to better help her clients!) and was very up-front and open about discussing any indications of post partum depression. Her candor in our post partum visits was comforting for me as a new mom. She also kept meticulous notes during the birth and gave us a copy so that we could write our daughter’s birth story. Although I was skeptical in seeing the value of a doula before I met Sarah, I now know that a good doula is priceless! And Sarah was that doula for us!
— Aree and David
Sarah was my doula for my first pregnancy. I was probably not a typical client for her because my husband was deployed overseas, which meant I would be partnerless for labor and delivery. I also knew I wanted a medicated birth. She did a great job accommodating these aspects and preparing me for a confident birth when I had felt so alone. The prenatal visits really nailed down my wants and needs for the birth; this included talking about my fears, plans for labor, as well as answering all sorts of questions. Sarah was very forthcoming with her own experiences, which was invaluable to me and helped establish a much closer relationship. She made herself available through multiple means of communication, including calls, texts, and emails. After each prenatal appointment, she would promptly send a recap email with additional information that I may have requested. The morning my contractions began, she was in constant contact and directed me through different positions to progress labor until we met at the hospital. A combination of anxiety and asthma made my delivery a challenge but Sarah was right by my side to help me stay calm, hydrated, and focused. Once my handsome little man was born, Sarah stayed late to ensure I was in a healthy mental and physical state, and comfortable with her leaving. She later sent me a bunch of great pictures she quietly took with her cell phone during my labor and delivery (I had agreed to this previously). I was able to send these pictures to my husband so he could experience the birth of his son. I am so thankful for Sarah and all she did to help me through a difficult but rewarding time in my life.
— Andrea
Sarah was my doula for my first child. Sarah did a couple of prenatal appointmentts with us and got informed about everything to date about the pregnancy. She helped us create an affirmation banner as well. She also had me tell her about all my prenatal appointments after that with my midwife. Before I went into labor, she stayed in touch with me asking how I was feeling and gave advice on what to do to help start labor, etc. Sarah met my husband and I at the birth center when my husband called her telling her I was in labor. Sarah was amazing! She helped me try different positions to help cope with labor, which was really helpful. Swaying was what she found helped me most and she swayed with me until she had my husband take over so she could do other super helpful things. I was really hot during labor and she made sure to keep a cool hand towel behind my neck, which was a godsend. She made sure I had water and stayed hydrated. She knew my birth affirmations and recited them to me. I had a fast labor (only about an hour and a half) and Sarah stayed on top of everything! After our sweet baby girl arrived, she helped me get in bed and offered to get my husband and I food. She also held our baby girl for a while so we could take a nap! Sarah also helped to get baby to latch for breastfeeding. Sarah stayed with me while I got my sutures from my second degree tear as well. She stayed with us until about 4pm which was 2 hrs before we went home (arrived at the birth center at 9am, baby was born around 10am.) Sarah also came to our house for a couple postpartum visits to ensure mom and baby were doing well. Sarah makes sure there are no signs of PP depression too. I could not have asked for a better doula and highly recommend you to consider her as your doula!
— Laura and Mathew